About Neela

Hi, I’m Neela and it’s a pleasure to welcome you to this website. Yoga Shanta was founded in 2012 and united my love of Yoga with my existing career as a counsellor and psychotherapist, begun in 1999. 









Recognising the vital connection between body, mind and spirit I provide the following range of holistic services:

  • Services for clients:

    • Counselling and Psychotherapy
    • Yoga therapy for groups and individuals
    • Therapeutic Yoga classes
    • Clinical Supervision for counsellors, Yoga therapists and other mental health professionals 
  • Training for counsellors on a range of topics including:

    • Integrating mind/body practices into your work
    • The role of neuroscience in depression, anxiety and PTSD
    • Polyvagal theory and talking therapy
  • Training for Yoga therapists/teachers on a range of topics including:

    • Yoga for anxiety and depression
    • Yoga for bereavement
    • Therapeutic safety and the therapeutic frame
    • Countertransference and the therapeutic relationship

I believe that our life stories are not solely narrated in words – in what we tell ourselves and others – but they are also written in our bodies, our thought patterns, our actions, and addictions.   Together within the wider social and environmental context of our lives, they can all play a part in the workings of our nervous system determining whether we feel at peace with ourselves or not. 

I run a private therapy practice and work for a number of community based agencies in the Brighton area.   As each therapy client is unique, my theoretical approach is integrative, trauma informed and highly relational.  I see our work together as an interactive and creative collaboration in which we can create a safe space for contemplation and reflection.  So that you can gently explore and make sense of the issues you wish to bring to therapy at your own pace with the help of a trained professional.  I also hold weekly online Yoga classes, for those seeking peace of body and mind.  

So should you choose to tell me your story, be it through talking therapy or Yoga therapy, know that I am interested, deeply interested in you, in your life story.  If you choose me to share your story with, I would be humbly honoured to listen.

I am registered with the International Alliance of Yoga Therapists, with Yoga Alliance Professionals and with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.  

Whether you are looking for a Yoga class or a personal therapist,

I look forward to hearing from  you.